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jeudi 30 novembre 2006

Travaux: Jour 35 - Tiling, tiling, tiling...

Today, big day... with one thing in mind, TILING. Yes, as you may have understood, we started to cover our beautiful Roland Garros Tennis Court with new tiles, and there's a big area to cover !

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dimanche 26 novembre 2006

Travaux: Jour 35 - Tiling is great...

This weekend wasn't very productive, as we went to a wedding (Congratulations Téo and Mélanie !!!) the whole saturday, and we tested a restaurant for my sister's wedding (april or may '06).

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mercredi 22 novembre 2006

Travaux: Jour 34 - Make it flat !

Today, we took a little day of vacation to prepare the floor for tiling.

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dimanche 19 novembre 2006

Travaux: Jour 32 & 33 - Paint it white !

This weekend was very productive... not that we drank some RedBull or something like that, but because we had some help! That's very pleasant to have some help like this.

So, be prepared to see a LOT of pictures for the first 2 days of our second month of work! Yes, already 1 FULL month of work (31 full days !)

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samedi 18 novembre 2006

Bon à savoir...

Les boites de crème fraiche ne passent pas au micro-ondes :

Je ne savais pas, mais maintenant, je le sais... ça se déforme en moins de 20 secondes, alors que le contenu (du bon poulet épicé, façon kebab) est toujours froid !!

Ah bravo bridélice !

dimanche 12 novembre 2006

Travaux: Jour 30 & 31 - Learn how to be a plumber in 1 day

This weekend was dedicated to cleaning the water in and out. That is, removing the american joint (which may cause problems later on), and weld (souder) the new end, so that there is no fear of any water leaks (fuites) in the future.

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dimanche 5 novembre 2006

Travaux: Jour 28 & 29 - Reconstruction, again and again...

This weekend, not much happened... well, some big things, but nothing that's really worth picturing !

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mercredi 1 novembre 2006

Travaux: Jour 27 - Vacation day ? No, not yet !

Today, it should have been the Day of the Dead, therefore, no work... but for us, when we have a little spare time => work at the appartment !

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