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mardi 11 mars 2008

Voiture abimée...

Quelle joie de sortir de son travail tard le soir, et de retrouver la voiture dans cet état :

Et oui, sur le parking de mon boulot (commun avec une autre entreprise), dans la journée (je n'ai pas touché à ma voiture entre 8h30 et 18h30), quelqu'un a enfoncé l'aile arrière droite de ma voiture... et bien entendu, n'a pas laissé de mot.

Impossible de faire marcher l'assurance si je ne retrouve pas le responsable (au tier...), du coup, ben voilà, ma belle voiture est abimée !

Monde de merde...

lundi 3 mars 2008

SPAM !!!

This weekend, our blog was spammed... We received several posts about prices of Viagra, poker rules, many things...

By spammed, I mean that someone posted around 200 comments PER POST... for a total of 7500 comments. I received about 7500 mails (gmail spent about 40hours trying to get them all, it has a limit of 200 mails/hour). There were 7500 visits on the blog from all parts of the world (probably infected computers, with a trojan or something)... very nice !

I spent several hours trying to clean the database of comments, the logs, my emails, etc. And we nearly had our web account closed (too many http requests in a small amount of time, too much load on the server, too many emails, database too big, ...), but because it's not a free server (we pay for it), it remained active.

The result is simple: I removed the ability to add comments. You can't put comments on our blog anymore, if you want to tell us something, send us an email ! Or call us... or via MSN, ... you'll find a way ;-)

EDIT: And guess what ? Today, there were about 1500 visits from the same locations... if I had left the comments activated, I would have had the same problem... bouhouhouh